The Road Not Taken

The millions of pairs of feet that in normal times would already be striding out for Rome or Mecca, Benares or Mashhad are stilled today while so many patient pilgrims are waiting for the tide to turn on the pandemic. But the imagination is a fine thing and this morning I ventured virtually along the … Continue reading The Road Not Taken

The Glass Bead Game

Sliding up the Suffolk coast and across the fenlands to Norwich on a cold and blustery Monday, my friend Angie was sceptical about walking the one-day BPT pilgrimage from Caistor St Edmund church to the cathedral. “Norfolk has been ruined by roads” she said, so, as friends do, we compromised. Our drive (via the ruinous roads) to and from Norwich … Continue reading The Glass Bead Game

Whither the joys of spring?

Every spring the cuckoo returns to our garden in Suffolk. Like each successive generation, it has hatched here and then flown alone to Africa, long after its parents have left; returning the following year to begin a new cycle of breeding feeding and migration. How the newly fledged cuckoo is guided back to its winter … Continue reading Whither the joys of spring?