A Cosy Atmosphere

As the afternoon light faded we made our way along a muddy footpath towards a simple barn-like structure that sat alone on the edge of the salt marshes. Soon small groups of people began to converge on this remote building each picking up a small candle as they filed in through the broad low doorway. … Continue reading A Cosy Atmosphere

Pilgrim for a Day

While many pilgrimages are epic in distance and duration at the other end of the spectrum, small local sites or shrines allow pilgrims to step outside the cacophony of daily life for a few hours at most.  My personal favourite is a journey of around 50 miles to St Peter’s on the Wall; the oldest extant … Continue reading Pilgrim for a Day

St Cedd & St Peter

On the far eastern edge of Essex, within the sound of the sea, stands a small, serene and ancient stone chapel.  One of England’s oldest extant ecclesiastical buildings, St Peter’s on the Wall was founded in 654 by St Cedd, who sailed down the coast from Lindisfarne to bring Christianity to the East Saxons. On … Continue reading St Cedd & St Peter