Reason #4 Miracle & Wonder

Sometimes we just need a miracle. Now is one of those times. How will our leaders hold the Kingdom together in the face of the seemingly irresolvable issues which currently divide us – in or out, deal or no deal, hard border or none? History tells us we are not alone. Over two thousand years ago King Ptolemy I Soter needed a miracle to hold his kingdom together after the death of his friend and monarch Alexander the Great. In an attempt to unite Egyptians and Greeks, Ptolemy built a temple to Serapis, a deity which borrowed characteristics from both pantheons. Understanding the pulling power of wonder, he constructed the Serapeum of Helios, a grand temple at Alexandria, and employed the forces of magnetism in order to attract the faithful. According to legend, a large magnet was hidden in the ceiling of the temple and the statue of Serapis hovered in the air, as if born aloft by its supernatural character. Pilgrims came as Ptolemy hoped they would. What seemingly miraculous phenomenon might our own leaders embrace to stop the United Kingdom from flying apart as March 29th approaches? Why not harness the power of justice to re-magnetise our moral compass? By reminding all of us what it is we’ve been fighting over – a free and fair society and how best to protect it – the case of Ms Begum is Manna from Heaven. Let’s come together to embrace the miracle of democracy and bring this daughter of Avalon home to account before the law.

Royal Courts of Justice – courtesy of Shutterstock

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